Fully Cooked Sausages, Hot Dogs and Sticks

Lifetime grazed.100% grass-fed. No hormones, no antibiotics. No-GMOs. All of our fully cooked products are hickory smoked, in a real smoker, with real hickory wood. They are naturally cured with celery juice and sea salt. No Nitrites or Nitrates Added. No Casing. No Pork. No Fillers. No MSG. Gluten Free

Andouille Sausage

4 sausages/package

Andouille Sausage - Case

8 12 oz. packages

Beef 'n Cheddar Sausage

4 sausages/package

Beef Bacon

1 package

Beef Cocktail Wieners

12 oz. of wieners/package

Beef Cocktail Wieners - Case

12 12 oz. packages

Beef Franks

4 franks/package

Beef Franks - Case

8 12 oz. packages

Beef Hot Dogs

6 hot dogs/package

Beef Hot Dogs - Case

8 12 oz. packages

Beef Sticks - Original

5 sticks/package

Stadium Bratwurst

4 sausages/package

Stadium Bratwurst - Case

8 12 oz. packages

Summer Sausage

1 sausage/package

Summer Sausage - Case

8 10 oz. sausages

Wild Rice Sausage

4 sausages/package

Wild Rice Sausage - Case

8 12 oz. packages