8 Layer Spider Taco Dip

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8 Layer Spider Taco Dip
Looking for something spooky to serve guests, or just a simple and delicious appetizer to munch on while passing out candy, you've come to the right place! Using 100% Grass Fed Beef makes all of the difference in serving a rich and hearty tasting dip!
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:


  • (1 lb.) Thousand Hills Ground Beef
  • (2 packages) Taco Seasoning (Divided)
  • (8 oz.) Cream Cheese (Softened)
  • (16 oz.) Sour Cream (Divided)
  • (1 can (4 oz.)) Green Chilies
  • (1 jar) Thick and Chunky Salsa
  • (1 1/4 cup) Shredded Taco Cheese (Divided)
  • (1 cup) Guacamole
  • (16 oz.) Refried Beans
  • (1, diced) Roma Tomato
  • (1, sliced) Green Onion
  • (2 Tbsp) Sliced Black Olives


  1. Choose your dish. We used a 9.25 pie plate, but you could also use a round or square baking dish, a bowl, or a large platter! Whatever you decide!

Layer 1: Blend cream cheese, 1 cup sour cream and 1 package of taco seasoning until smooth. Spread in bottom of pie plate. 

Layer 2: Heat the Beans. Heat refried beans until warm, stir, and spread over cream cheese mixture.

Layer 3: Thousand Hills Ground Beef. Brown your ground beef in a medium skillet over high heat until all the pink is out. Drain meat and add 1 package taco seasoning (no water needed). Spread the meat over previous two layers. 

Layer 4: Spread diced green chilies over the ground beef layer (no need to drain). 

Layer 5: Salsa. Use a thick and chunky salsa (we used a black bean and corn salsa) and spread over green chilies. 

Layer 6: Shredded cheese. Add about 1 cup of shredded cheese sprinkled over the top of the salsa.

Layer 7: Guacamole. Spread 1 cup of either homemade guacamole or already premade guacamole over the shredded cheese.

Layer 8: Sour Cream. Spread 1 cup of sour cream over the top of the guacamole. If making a spider web, skip spreading it, and instead put the cup of sour cream into a Ziploc bag. Snip off the corner and pipe over the top of the guacamole. Start by making the lines, then connect them to create a web.

Add the finishing touch by sprinkling the diced tomato, green onion, remaining 1/4 cup of shredded cheese, and black olives to the edges of the pan. (If not making the web you can sprinkle these ingredients all over the top of the sour cream instead). 

Finally, add some fake spiders and serve with tortilla chips! ENJOY!

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